The City of Albuquerque is in the process of trying to enact zoning changes that could drastically alter the appearance and quality of life in our neighborhood. Here are some documents and links that describe the change and provide a status on the latest activity. The SPNA Zoning committee has been working for months now, researching the potential impact, writing letters to our City Councilor and attending meetings. Please feel free to take action that you feel is necessary independently, or lend your help to the committee if you're inclined.

Albuquerque Transformative Zoning Status

Tips for avoiding auto theft, from the Office of Neighborhood Coordination

With car theft an ongoing concern in our city, we encourage you to follow these simple steps. These tips don’t guarantee your car stays safe, but APD assures us most car thefts are crimes of opportunity. If you limit a thief’s chance to get into your car, you make it harder for them and they will likely move on to an easier target.

  • Always lock your car doors, whether you’re driving or your car is parked.
  • Don’t leave your car running unattended.
  • If you leave your car parked, take your garage opener with you.
  • Consider adding a steering wheel lock or an electronic kill switch to your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave your keys or any other valuables in your car.
  • Visit APD’s online tip sheet for more suggestions on securing your vehicle.

City mandated BYLAWS revisions for review.

Albuquerque Journal Articles

April 14, 2023  Panel Oks most of mayor’s code plans
Albuquerque Journal (

Water Utility Authority Offers “Tree-Bate” Program for Planting Desert-Friendly Trees

Want to earn some rebates AND help conserve water in your yard? Why not apply for the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority’s Tree-Bate program? You can get 25% rebated to you when you buy and plant low and medium-use trees that are approved by the Authority. To learn more about this great program and other possible rebates, visit:




The proposed draft update to the SPNA bylaws can be viewed and downloaded here.  This update is required by the City of Albuquerque to bring the SPNA bylaws into compliance with a 2022 revision of the City’s “Neighborhood Association Recognition Ordinance.”  Changes highlighted in yellow in this draft are mandatory and are not negotiable with the City; however, SPNA bylaws require approval of all amendments to the bylaws by a majority vote of members in attendance at a full membership meeting. The vote to ratify this draft will take place at the Association's Annual Meeting on May 7. Members will be requested to vote to approve, or ratify, this updated draft at the Annual meeting to bring the SPNA into compliance with City requirements.  The primary changes in the bylaws address the City’s requirement that annual dues must be voluntary rather than mandatory, and that payment of dues cannot be used as requirement for a full voting membership in the association.  This draft also contains minor updates throughout the bylaws to allow editorial and procedural changes and to clarify the current boundaries of the neighborhood.  These non-mandatory but useful changes are not highlighted in the revised draft. They have, however, been reviewed and approved by both the City Office of Neighborhood Coordination and the SPNA Board of Directors.   
Note that highlighting in this draft will be removed after membership approval and before filing with the City Office of Neighborhood Coordination.

April 12, 2023  More density in single-family zones?  Where that and other proposals stand